In the fall of 1985, I took a giant leap of faith that would forever alter the course of my life. After 15 years of study, I finally scheduled my very first astrology consultation—30 years ago! Although I had a sense of where I was meant to go in this life—at least strong enough to not ignore it for too long—I never imagined the extent of the unfolding that awaited. Never did I imagine that I would do thousands of consults with individuals from around the world in the comfort of my home office. I also had a very clear desire to write a book—just one book—not once did I imagine that I would write eight!

paintedladyIt took two weeks of intensive study and research, day and night, to prepare for that first consultation, not to mention four hours of gruelling calculations. I doubt that the consultation had a significant impact on my first client, and I’m sure it has long since been forgotten; a mere blip in one person’s life, while a significant moment in that of another. As a beginner astrologer, my approach was technical, entirely textbook, devoid of that singular wisdom that emerges from organic, hands-on life experience. But my journey had just begun, and as green and unsure of myself as I was, I forged ahead.

Shortly thereafter, I traded in my logarithms and Ephemeris for my first PC, a Leading Edge 8086 with an external drive for booting up to the C prompt—a veritable antique! My four hours of tedious calculations were whittled down to a mere 16 minutes of printing on my dot matrix printer. Today, full-colour charts are delivered by my scanner-copier-inkjet printer in seconds. Now that’s progress! Interestingly, it took nearly two months before I could actually print out a single chart; as it turned out, I had been given the wrong password for my astrology program. Was Mercury retrograde? You guessed correctly. Nothing beats first-hand knowledge. (See my Guide to Surviving Retrograde Mercury.)

I have learned and grown much over the years, in large part thanks to my clients. While we were being shaped by the normal stuff of life, we also allowed ourselves to wonder what might lie beyond our familiar boundaries. We ventured into the New Age with open minds, eager to learn more about the nature of reality. Armed with promising self-help tools, we learned to set goals, visualized what we desired and watched our dreams unfold. As the years passed, many turned deeper inward, seeking spiritual fulfillment in a time ripe with teachings from ancient Buddhism to A Course in Miracles, answering the call of the Spirit within.

It has indeed been a rich and rewarding journey for yours truly, one that has offered so much more than I could ever have imagined. Where techniques once held a prominent place in my approach, they have since taken their rightful place, acting more as a backdrop allowing us to uncover the truth that lies within. Each consultation is now an opportunity to commune with the divine Being within—yours and mine—the true nature of which is Love. I could not have asked for a better life path, and I thank all who have answered the call and shared the journey with me.

With love and gratitude,

A Leap of Faith
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