Astrological CrossesAstrological Crosses: Exploring the Cardinal, Fixed & Mutable Energies

This book brings to life a previously understated, yet crucial component of chart interpretation: the astrological crosses (the cardinal, fixed, and mutable aspects of the signs of the zodiac), or the modes or quadruplicities, as they have been more commonly known. The crosses are so important to chart interpretation that you will wonder how you were able to complete an astrological analysis without them.

Astrological Crosses explores the strengths, qualities and unique challenges of each cross, using real-life examples from the author’s consulting practice. Planetary configurations and transits will take on a whole new meaning as you incorporate the crosses in your interpretations. Whether a beginner or a veteran in the world of astrology, your perception of the signs will undoubtedly be enriched.

Previously published as Astrological Crosses in Relationships (2002, Llewellyn Worldwide) this edition contains essentially the same content, with a new layout.

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“Pauline Edward’s book helps us to understand why people think and communicate the way they do, which in turn helps us to improve our relationships. That’s no small feat! In depth, well-written, and informative.” —Lucy MacDonald, M.Ed., author of Learn to Be an Optimist

“Pauline Edward has written the best book yet about the nature of Cardinal, Fixed, and Mutable. Her readable, insightful work can help both beginning and experienced astrologers gain much understanding about life’s processes. Highly recommended.”—Michael Munkasey, PMAFA, NCGR-IV

“Absolutely excellent work on the cardinal, fixed and mutable qualities of the signs. Suitable for any level of astrologer this goes into the subject at a deeper level than I’ve seen before. Thought provoking and intelligently written.”—The Wessex Astrologer