flag_mLet me start by saying that politics is the furthest from my field of expertise. Nonetheless, I have always voted, as it is one of our fundamental rights and duties, and also a way to get involved and perhaps contribute to change. For those who complain about the politics, I say, if you don’t like the politics, run for office. If you don’t want to run for office, at least be sure to vote.

From what little I know, politics is a complicated and often messy business. Unfortunately, whenever big money is in the picture, the worst is brought out of those involved. I look forward to the day when true humanity is expressed at all levels of society, including business and politics. But that’s another subject.

For this brief analysis, since I don’t have complete verified birth data, I will be using numerology only. When I work with clients, I also use astrology charts; I especially like to know where the great “reality checker” Saturn is transiting!

For those unfamiliar with how numerology works, I like to express it in this manner: each individual experiences periods that can be described as seasons with particular climates. These climates are revealed by combinations of numbers. How a person copes with and thrives in a season is up to them. You may not like winter, but you have options; you can fly south, take up skiing, hunker down by the fireside with a good book, or bitch and complain. The one thing you can’t change is winter.


When I drew up the charts last week, I was a bit surprised, because they didn’t reflect the polls at the time–but the poles have since changed! It didn’t take me long to zero in on who had the greatest potential for a position of power and leadership.

Both Stephen Harper and Thomas Mulcair are presently in number 6 personal years, approaching the peak of their current 9-year cycles. They will be in number 7 personal years in 2016, indicating a more reclusive or behind-the-scenes climate. In a 7 climate, there is a tendency to focus on study, analysis, research or the inner life, or at least an inclination to take a break from the busyness of life, time to regroup, and adjust one’s direction to take advantage of the 8 climate of accomplishment in the following year.

Justin Trudeau, on the other hand, is currently at the end of a nine-year cycle with an underlying number 7 climate; he’s done with the behind-the-scenes work. In January he begins a completely new long term cycle, with a number 8 climate, indicating the potential for power, leadership and accomplishment. Given his current numbers, Justin is likely to flourish over the next several years.

My conclusion? Whether or not he is elected Justin Trudeau will be in high-energy mode and is likely to make significant strides over the next few years. Harper and Mulcair, on the other hand, will be going through a little soul-searching before making some new long-term decisions. Can they do this while in office? Possibly, since they do work with a team.

One thing is clear: voting is a right, a duty and a responsibility. Make sure to go out and vote on election day.

Data Source: Wiki. Stephen Harper, April 30 1959. Thomas Mulcair, October 24, 1954, Justin Trudeau, December 25 1971.

Canadian Election 2015
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