Choosing the MiracleThis book was nearly three quarters of the way finished when I hit a wall. Although it appeared as a very high wall that would take a very long time and a whole lot of effort to be climbed, as it turned out, it simply had to be risen above and left behind. This passing hurdle led to a shift in perception that left me reeling, and by the same token, wondering what to do with, among most aspects of my life, my writing. I simply could not complete, let alone publish this book. Besides which, there was nothing left to be said. I had found peace, and I knew where and how to look for the presence of God. Left to my own devices, I would simply have allowed myself to settle in this most wonderful of states, content with the simple knowledge that God is, right here, right now. I had desire for nothing more than this. I could get a job in a flower shop, and spend the remaining years of my life in peaceful simplicity.

I could have done just that, but I had sufficient wisdom to understand that the purpose of my life would remain unfulfilled should I resign myself thus, and my purpose had always been to work with people, and to write. Still, that did not clarify what I should do with the chapters I had written, material which no longer fit my new perspective. I considered scrapping the entire manuscript and starting something new, perhaps at a later date. For over two months, time I had specifically set aside for the completion of this work, I put it on hold and simply let the dust of my new understanding settle. When the time was right, I would be guided as to what to do.

And I was. Early one autumn morning, I awoke with very clear guidance. Other than normal editing, I was to leave the sections I had written intact. I would then proceed to describe the experiences that had led to the shift in perception, and complete the book as originally outlined, well, more or less. I think my dear guide was being gentle with me, for this revision ended up being a lot of work! But, no matter. This book has a purpose, and I am honoured to have had a role to play in bringing a sliver of light to my brothers and sisters, even though it caused me to experience more than a few moments of great fear and uncertainty.

The continuing journey of a Course in Miracles student as she experiences the crumbling of a lifetime of learning and a major shift in perception, the ideal condition for a true experience of the miracle. Written with the same candour, sincerity, wit and courage, this book picks up where Leaving the Desert left off and will be an inspiration for all spiritual seekers.

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“A wonderful account of the simplicity of actually “living” A Course in Miracles and opens the door for dedicated students who are WILLING to live and walk the Truth right here, right now, TODAY!—Robyn Busfield, author of Forgiveness is the Home of Miracles

“In Choosing the Miracle, Pauline Edward graciously plants yet another shimmering guidepost for her fellow Course students. By sharing the entertaining insights gleaned from her own ongoing growth with A Course in Miracles, Pauline Edward looks through the ceaseless lies of the ego to reveal the truth of spirit. Stay on Course by Choosing the Miracle.” —Alexander Marchand, author of The Universe Is a Dream

“The greatest compliment an author of a spiritual book can receive is that their extension of love is felt throughout the book. I found that Choosing the Miracle not only inspired me, but gave me a direct experience of God.”—Reverend Dan Costello