Astrology-numerology Consultations

ConsultsGeneral Life Profile An overview of your life potential, talents, special skills, purpose, with a focus on current and upcoming trends and cycles, including relationship, career and personal growth.

The Journey of Awakening The uncovering of the fullness of your Being from a spiritual perspective; also includes current and upcoming trends and cycles. Ideal for ACIM students and others on an active spiritual path.

Annual Trends Update An evaluation of your personal trends and cycles for the coming year, keeping your long-term potential in perspective.

Mini/Midyear/New Year Update and Coaching For questions on a specific topic, whether personal or professional or for a brief follow-up consultation. Perfect for a quick overview while setting goals for the New Year, or when considering important decisions. Schedule your appointment for a consultation.

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How does a consultation work?

A first-time consultation consists of a preliminary life path analysis based on your astrology and numerology charts. This is followed by an overview of broad cycles, choices made in the past, present circumstances, and then a closer look at current and upcoming trends. During the consultation, you are encouraged to participate in the discovery process. The objective is to provide you with information that will give you the confidence and reassurance you need to pursue your life path.

My approach is very practical; I look at the broad trends to identify your potential opportunities over a given period. Your questions are considered within this larger framework. Note that I do not foretell events such as deaths or lottery numbers, nor do I speak with the departed.

Examples of issues addressed in consultation: Identifying true life purpose and direction; managing stress, change, transitions and the usual challenges of life in a balanced manner; gaining a better understanding of personal and professional relationships; establishing a healthier work-life balance; exploring deeper self-awareness.

I have enjoyed multiple consults with Pauline over the past 10 years, attended her workshops, and recommended her services to multiple friends. Her consults are professional, thorough, concise and have provided me a useful guide for the upcoming years. She has a very warm and friendly personality with a captivating insight and quick whit, and genuinely cares about her clients.—Liz

Please provide the following information prior to the scheduled appointment:
Birth data: date of birth; time of birth (if available); place of birth (city/country); current place of residence
Full name at birth, including middle name (if any). Usually, the name that appears on your birth certificate.

Please indicate whether you would like a daytime or evening appointment and whether you prefer phone or Skype. In-person consultations are available by referral only. Schedule your appointment.

Consultation Fees
60 minutes ($115) 
General life profile, career and life direction questions, cycles and trends; annual updates
90 minutes ($130)  In-depth life profile, career and life direction questions, life transitions, cycles and trends; relationship with children or partner
30 minutes ($65)  Follow-up, mini updates, special questions; date selection for special events
15 minutes ($40)  Quick question

Method of payment: Cash, in person consultation; Paypal; by mail: certified cheque (please inquire for mailing address). Please await confirmation of consultation date/time before making payment.

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