trumpnumbersAs I write this blog post, I realize that, even though the numbers spoke otherwise, it never occurred to me that I would be putting the words “President” and “Trump” together in the same sentence. A study of Donald Trump’s numerology can help us better understand his position and give us a glimpse of where his attention will be focused in his term as POTUS. It can also help us recognize what contribution we can make toward the healing of humanity. Please note that I am not politically savvy, so I am interpreting the numbers using language that is more generic than political.

Donald Trump has a preponderance of 4s, including a 13/4 life path. The 4 is the number of home, family, job, foundations, structure, order, health, in essence, the basic necessities of life. His number 8 pinnacle shows a drive for business and financial success and power, and his 14/5s indicate a readiness to break the rules and explore outside the boundaries. This combination of numbers shows an individual who will stop at nothing to protect family and business interests. During his campaign, he spoke to the people, those who are concerned with family, home and jobs, in a time when far too many are struggling with basic survival needs, and he did so in the language of the people. Although it may come as a surprise to some, I suspect that Trump will embrace this most important job with genuine dedication and a desire to succeed, and he will do so with more intelligence and grace than might have been expected.

liliesHowever, as POTUS, his family now extends beyond “all Americans” to a world calling for greater humanitarian involvement from all nations. Will he be up for this much growth and expansion? The numbers indicate that Trump loves a challenge, so let’s give him one. Trump is capable of learning. Let President Trump learn from us. Let us teach him how important family is. For those who feel discouraged, even fearful, you may remind yourself that no president, no authority figure rules our individual choices, our thoughts, our hearts. We can tap into this powerful 4/8 energy by expanding our own vision to include and require success for all of humanity, for all of our brothers and sisters around the world. In fact, let’s teach all of our leaders what kind of world we want. Let us make this a world of kindness, compassion, inclusiveness, understanding, peace and love by extending as much to everyone we encounter every minute of every day. This is our world. Let’s make it the world we truly desire.

Donald Trump by the Numbers

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  • November 9, 2016 at 6:20 pm

    Un message profondément humaniste Pauline. Merci !

  • January 3, 2017 at 6:45 pm

    An inspiring and positive message on a man that nobody really knows actually. Thank you!

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