Numbers are great—well, at least I think so. The numbers derived from the birth date and names provide fascinating insights into our complex, multifaceted lives, from personality traits, unique skills, talents, abilities and preferences, to personal trends and cycles. Sometimes, when explaining to a client the nature of their particular set of numbers, I lay them out in a company setting, assigning the most suitable jobs for each of the numbers. If the numbers were people, where would you find them in a large multinational company?

Number 1 The 1 is highly energized, self-motivated, autonomous and independent. It is the number of the entrepreneur, the self-starter, the consultant and can do well in a self-employed capacity. In the context of a company, since they pretty much prefer to be their own boss, they are likely to be found heading up their own department or at least enjoy being project starters. I say “starters” because they are quick to move on to new projects. Their enthusiasm and energy can be an inspiration for others, and so can make very good team trainers and group leaders.

Number 2 The 2 is relational, sensitive and receptive, as well as discreet and discerning. They are the listeners, counsellors, coaches, mentors, peacekeepers and make excellent support staff and do well in HR and customer relations. Because they do not seek glory for themselves, the 2 is the perfect “right-hand man or woman”. The 2 is also an excellent negotiator and mediator. Because they are able to step back and get a sense of the driving forces behind interactions, they have the ability to moderate and temper situations that might otherwise be difficult to manage.

Number 3 The 3 is sociable, talkative and likes to be on the go. The 3 is the artist, the creative mind, the entertainer, the communicator. They can do very well in sales, and may even enjoy being on the road. They can also excel in marketing and communications, especially presentations. They generally have likeable personalities and can get along with just about anyone; they are wonderful in a reception post. They are excellent at organizing seminars, travel plans, meetings and conferences and especially event planning.

Number 4 The 4 is the worker bee: hard-working, organized and well suited for the day-to-day operations of the company. Dependable and reliable, they find value in order, routine and stable structure. They are drawn to administration, clerical, filing, data management, bookkeeping, budgeting and accounting positions, the foundation on which the rest of the company stands. With experience, they can rise to become invaluable assets in organizational and operations management.

Number 5 The 5 is the number of freedom; it is the pioneer, the adventurer and does not do well in confining environments. They have a low threshold for boredom and need room to grow, explore and expand; they generally avoid routine 9-to-5 jobs. Innovative, experimental and progressive by nature, they are well suited for the R&D department; they are the development half of R&D. They are the oddballs in jeans and running shoes blowing stuff up in the lab downstairs causing grief for the accounting department upstairs.

Number 6 The 6 is all about cooperation, harmony, health and balance; it is highly socialized and interactive, and is a natural for management positions. Being sensitive to the needs of all concerned, they excel in human relations and are perfect for heading up the HR department. Individuals with a strong number 6 signature are great at developing and coordinating workflow and stimulating teamwork. They are capable of ensuring that employee needs as well as company objectives are met.

Number 7 The 7 is solitary in nature, a thinker, and excellent at problem solving. They excel at complex analysis, whether business, market, operations or product development, as well as strategic planning, research, or even industrial spying. They fulfill the Research half of R&D. They are born educators and can develop effective training programs for employees as well as clients. They can also be excellent therapists. The 5s work well on their own, actually preferring a fair amount of solitude, and require little supervision. They are discreet and can be entrusted with sensitive matters.

Number 8 The 8 is a powerhouse; the visionary, the one with the big idea, the one who aims for success, the person in charge. The 8 is upper management material, the CEO, CFO and directors of the company. They aim for the top, thriving in positions of power and authority, never shying away from a challenge that will take them one step closer to their goals. While in the top spot, the wise ones will call on the 6s and 2s to coordinate with all the departments to make things run smoothly and efficiently. With well-chosen managers and visionaries in position, the 1s, 3s, 4s, 5s, 7s and 9s easily find their unique function.

Number 9 The 9 is multi-talented and complex, and can fill many roles. They may gravitate toward positions that involve travel, negotiation, export, trade, foreign affairs or diplomacy. They have a strong humanitarian side, and will opt for the good of everyone before seeking glory for themselves. They do well in functions that serve the community and the world at large as well as activities that enhance the corporate image such as fundraising activities, new economic models and environmental initiatives.

In the Company of Numbers
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