FlourWhen I’m not busy seeing clients in my astrology-numerology practice, I need a fun activity to dabble in. As my friends know, I love to cook, but more than that, I love to experiment. In fact, the kitchen has been my very own R&D department for decades! But, because I love to cook, it does not mean that I am a chef; far from it; I’m more of a kitchen hack, leaving the fancy stuff to the pros.  🙂

Over the years, I have explored a variety of diets from conventional meat-eating, to vegetarian and even raw foods. I have made tofu, sauerkraut, yogurt, sprouts, rejuvelac, beer, wine and even a bottle or two of porto. With the recent explosion of healthy food alternatives and the easy availability of an endless supply of ingredients, cooking has never been more fun that it is today!

I have the fortune and pleasure of living in Montreal, a Taurus city, perfect for the food lover. In walking distance from my condo, I can pick up everything I need for practically any dish from around the world! Cooking and experimenting with recipes is a true adventure.

I have also recently taken up another old hobby–photography–seems like my life has come full circle–so I have been learning how to use my new camera. The digital SLR is a long way from developing film in my basement darkroom forty years ago! Please bear with me; I’m sure my pics won’t be perfect, at least not at first, but they will improve, with practise.

So it is that, at the request of friends and visitors to my home, I have decided to take the plunge, share some of my recipes and culinary adventures as well as some product and book reviews. Wish me luck! And best of all, bon appétit!

Pauline Edward

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