Movement of BeingWe are told that awakening is a natural process, a return to our normal, real condition, and so should not come as a surprise. What is a surprise is how tightly we have clung to the ignorance that covers up our true state as wholly loved sons and daughters of God. It does not matter that we are rewarded for our faithful obedience to this ignorance with sickness, pain, suffering and death, we stubbornly cling. What is a surprise is how simple awakening is, how uncomplicated and close at hand it is, for in truth, being our natural condition, it has never left us. What is a surprise—and should not be—is just how little effort is required for its unfolding, that in truth, personal effort of any kind is likely to be an impediment to what is a wholly natural process, a process that is occurring whether or not we are actively engaging it. And what a pleasant surprise to discover how lusciously sublime it feels to awaken to the Love that has always been, and will always remain at the source of our very being.

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“I loved this book. I finally found a book that resonated with my feelings about God/Jesus/the Universe and our place in it! I have always suspected that when we awaken, we don’t disappear from this earth, but rather we actually LIVE it fully. It’s as though we can see and experience beyond our limitations!! I have been a student of A Course in Miracles for years, and I often find myself at odds with some of the teachings about this concept. It was so wonderful to read your book. While reading, I kept shouting, ‘Yes!!’
This book is an awesome gift. I will cherish it.  I will also recommend it to my clients, family, and friends. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.”—Constance Wells, Ph.D.

“Brilliant, touching and at moments knee-slapping funny!” —Navin Somani, Realtor

“In this wonderful book, the author shares her journey with her brothers and sisters who are consciously engaged on the path of awakening. The Movement of Being clearly portrays the differences between the right- and wrong-minded vantage points, and is most helpful for un-rutting false ego beliefs about ourselves. It provides clear insights on how to recognize Being, how to trust in Its Movement and how to experience the Movement of our own Being. Highly recommended for anyone on the path of awakening.”—Homer Lin, ACIM facilitator, Taipei, Taiwan

“More people need to know spiritual guidance is possible and to hear ways to receive guidance from those who do. Pauline has provided a personal and moving experience about her journey of awakening. The Movement of Being is filled with examples of how everyone can use each moment to step closer to their own shift in consciousness.” —Tim Alan Smith, author of A Tiny Mad Idea

“I LOVE the book! I have been studying Raj for over ten years and you made many of his concepts very clear. It is a book I will read over and over and it will be an integral part of my awakening! Thanks so much. It was well worth the wait!”—Jamie R. McAllaster

“Come along for one Daughter of God’s journey through the movement of both her inner and outer world. There is laughter here and tears of release at knowing we are safe, loved and innocent, truly the Extension of Love Itself.” —Michael J. Miller, Poet