pumpkinsIf you’ve calculated your Personal Month numbers for the year,  you may have noticed that October always has the same value as your Personal Year number for the following year. For example, if you are in a number 1 Personal Year, October is a number 2 Personal Month; if you are in a number 2 Personal Year, October is a 3 Personal Month, the same number as your next Personal Year. In a way, October is like a preview month for your next year. I have found that many people tend to get anxious for change as autumn rolls around. Perhaps you have gathered a lot of steam in the current year. Filled with new ideas and projects, you are eager to move forward. Or, maybe you have had your fill of the challenges of the year, especially if it has been an intensely emotional time, as a 2 year might be, or perhaps it was a year of endings, a 9 year. Now you are ready for something different. (See the Numbers Table below for Personal Year and Personal Month numbers.)

As they say, be careful of what you wish for! Most people have certain trends (as reflected by the numbers) with which they are more comfortable, and others which they’d rather never again encounter in their lives! A free-spirited individual completing a hard-working, detail-oriented, demanding number 4 Year may be anxious to move forward into a number 5 Year of change, freedom and adventure. However, I’ve seen a few people eagerly run out of a 4 Year and dive into a 5 Year without a proper plan, and head into an over zealous and costly adventure!

All in all, I have found that the best strategy is to take what you have learned from the year you are leaving behind, then try to integrate these lessons into your new year. There is a progression of learning and experience that flows naturally from one year to the next throughout the 9 Year Cycle. Respecting that progression will make your projects and your life flow much more easily.

To gain a bit of insight as to what might await you in the coming year, pay attention to your inner desires as well as your opportunities this month. What is the general tone of the month? Which experiences stand out? Now project these experiences into your next year. Modify your outlook, if necessary.

Here are a few keywords reflecting the areas of focus for each of the 9 Personal Years:

1 Personal Year: new beginnings, adjustments to the direction of your life, courage, daring, boldness
2 Personal Year: matters concerning relationships and partnerships, joining, receptivity, trust
3 Personal Year: the social life, creativity, self expression, joie de vivre
4 Personal Year: work, family, health, organization, the foundations of life, structure, details
5 Personal Year: change, adventure, freedom, breaking boundaries, progress
6 Personal Year: responsibility, family, the search for peace, balance and harmony
7 Personal Year: study, research, the inner life, honing your skills, quiet, isolation
8 Personal Year: career, results, power, accomplishment, finances
9 Personal Year: endings, sabbatical, letting go of the old, preparing for the new, rest, restoration

Numbers Table

October: Preview Month for Next Year
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