The Journey of Awakening

One of the many issues we face today is the growing urge for spiritual fulfillment.  Unlike many years ago, this journey need not be a lonely one. As a guide to removing the blocks to awakening, A Course in Miracles (ACIM) may be for you. Several of my books describe my journey with this incredible teaching. If you need to take hold of your wandering or unruly mind, you may enjoy my Ego Emergency Flareup Extinguishers, originally published in Choosing the Miracle. There are many resources available on the Internet; simply let your guidance lead you to what is appropriate for you. Here are some I share with clients and readers:

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Resources for Writers

digitalrecorderA couple of lessons I learned about writing is that the first draft is always crap, and writing is rewriting… you gotta love it! Expect that you will be spending a lot of time at the computer, and less time out partying. 🙂 After suffering from a nasty case of frozen shoulder a few years back, I have picked up a couple of tricks to make the process less physically stressful. My first draft is usually recorded, much of it while out on my daily walks. I use a Sony Digital Voice Recorder (available at Amazon) which is inexpensive, small and fits easily in a pocket or waist pouch. Then I play back the contents and dictate it using a speech recognition program, Dragon Naturally Speaking (also available at Amazon). This allows me to gather the initial notes, which I date and label according to topic, then print out and store in a binder. I also generate an index at the end of the document to make finding contents easier. Here are a few helpful resources: