Numerology is a phenomenal tool for planning personal and professional activities, and knowing your Personal Month number can be helpful for choosing the vacation that best suits your state of mind and energy level. Overall, you will find that when making choices that are in harmony with your cycles, life will unfold more smoothly. You may not always have the choice of when to take your vacation, but you can choose how to spend your time. Oh, and don’t forget to check for Retrograde Mercury before you go on the road!

You may wonder which is more important: the Personal Year or Personal Month number. The Personal Year number sets the tone for the entire year, so it represents a trend of primary importance. The Personal Month number sets the tone for a shorter period and should be evaluated within the context of the Personal Year. Much like a few days of mild weather might occur in the middle of winter, the prevailing season is still winter. Keep the big picture in mind alongside the smaller picture.

To calculate your Personal Year, add your birth day, birth month and calendar year numbers. Remember to reduce each number to a single digit before completing the sum. For example, for a birthday on June 19, the Personal Year number for 2018 would be 6 (June, 6th Month) + 1 (19: 1+9 = 10; 1+0 = 1) + 2 (2018: 2+0+1+8 = 11; 1+1 =2), for a total of 9 (6+1+2). To calculate your Personal Month number, add your Personal Year number to the calendar month. For example, if your Personal Year is 1, January is a 2 month (1 + 1); August is a 9 month (1 + 8). It’s that simple. (Click here for more on how to calculate your personal numbers.)

Personal Year/Month Table

Personal Month 1 You are charged up and ready to start new projects this month, and a vacation may not be the first thing on your mind. Your energy level is high and you are ready for action. You’re more inclined to do things independently and start projects on your own this month. If you can manage a vacation, it’s not likely to be a sitting-on-the-dock-of-the-bay variety; more of a climb-the-highest-mountain variety. You’re on the move and ready to go; your travel partner will have to be prepared to keep up with you!

Personal Month 2 The 2 is responsive and receptive by nature, and so more quiet than the 1. You will enjoy connecting with friends, engaging in activities and projects with others, reaching out, helping others or reaching out for help for a project that is dear to you (as long as it’s not work-related!). It’s okay to slow down, enjoy life and deepen relationships now. You’re probably not inclined to spend too much time alone this month, so finding ways to interact and share with others will be very rewarding. This is a great time for a romantic getaway, especially a honeymoon!

Personal Month 3 The 3 is social, energetic and fun-loving by nature, so a 3 month is a great time for a vacation. Take advantage of this upbeat and joyful 3 trend to expand your social circle and generally have a good time. Go dancing; catch some shows, do activities that take your mind off work. If so inclined, engage in artistic or creative activities. Be aware that a bit of planning might make your vacation more efficient; the 3 can be a little distracting. You may want to make a budget before going on vacation; otherwise you’ll spend the next few months paying for it. Remember to enjoy yourself!

Personal Month 4 If you must take a vacation in a 4 month, you may find it difficult to justify taking the time off when there is so much work to be done. All the more reason to take some time out to rest, relax and take a break from all that hard work. You may prefer a family vacation over an exotic and expensive getaway; you may find the rest you need by puttering around the house, attending to odds and ends, spending time in the kitchen or the garden. While you will feel more comfortable putting small things in order, do take some time away from your regular job.

Personal Month 5 You are ready for adventure and primed to try new things this month. You are likely to sense a need for freedom and an aversion to being trapped indoors. Choose activities that break you out of your everyday routine; do something completely different. Head for open spaces, escape rigid schedules and obligations. Although some of your experiences may be temporary in nature, the well-deserved freedom and adventure will help push back some of your boundaries, leaving you free to experience more of your unfolding.

Personal Month 6 You’re in the ideal mode for a nice vacation with family and friends. You have much to share with others, so don’t be surprised if you are asked to help out in some way. Don’t take on so much responsibility that you have little time left to pamper yourself; practise setting boundaries. Plan a classy outing, go for a makeover, buy some fabulous new clothes; you want to feel good about yourself, and you want to look great. This month will go more smoothly if you make peace your first choice. Let things unfold without the need to manage every detail; it’s vacation time, not job time.

Personal Month 7 You may be more inclined to stay home and hibernate this month then go on a fancy cruise with friends. The 7 is quiet and reflective, appropriate for deep thinking, problem solving, learning or simply catching up on some non-work-related reading. If you must schedule a vacation at this time, make sure you will have some quiet time for yourself, or, if you have a travel partner, choose quiet, simple activities that you both enjoy. This is a great time for a retreat and especially for spending time in nature.

Personal Month 8 You’re at the top of your game this month, and more focused on career, finances and getting ahead in the world than on trivialities. If you can get away from work long enough, or if you must take your vacation this month—and that’s a big if—you may be open to a luxury vacation. You’ve worked hard, and now you want a taste of the best that life has to offer. Save your pennies well in advance for this vacation; it will be worth it! Again, that’s if you can tear yourself away from your business and career obligations.

Personal Month 9 The 9 is associated with completion, endings and closure. It’s a time for letting go, and can be an excellent vacation number especially one that is focused on R&R. Treat yourself to a relaxing spa getaway; it’s the perfect time to recharge your batteries. If you don’t have the energy for a getaway, engage in a little decluttering and drop off what you don’t need at your local Goodwill. This will help make room for what new experiences lie just around the corner. While enjoying some relaxation time, what seem like great ideas might emerge. Being more suitable for winding down, this is not the best time to start new projects; let your great new ideas settle for a while, wait for your number 1 month to get started on anything new.

Vacation Planning by the Numbers
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