I love numbers. For me, they convey knowledge, structure, order and perhaps even the intelligence and the beauty of the movement of life. As a numerologist with decades of experience, it is understandable that the numbers speak to me perhaps in ways that others might not comprehend. For those with little or no experience with numerology, numbers can sometimes seem to carry mystical, even mysterious or frightening messages.

Now and then, someone asks for my take on a particular number, or group of numbers that keep showing up. It may be a pair of numbers such as the time on a clock: 11:11, or the numbers of a birthday, or a deceased family member’s address. Some will use the numbers as a convenient scapegoat onto which they can project an inner fear or belief. For example, someone might say: “It’s because of this recurring number 11 that I lost my way.” Actually, if you lost your way, it is because you were not being mindful. The 11 was simply inviting you to pay attention. Whenever I see the number 11 I have to smile because it reminds me of an old television show from the 60s, My Favorite Martian, in which the Martian, played by Ray Walston, had a pair of antennas sticking off the top of his head. For me, the antennas, or the 11, convey the idea of deeper listening.

Numerology consists of a body of knowledge derived from centuries of observation, study and firsthand experience. It can shed light on the most profound situations as well as the purely mundane. The information derived from the numbers depends on the breadth of perception of the interpreter, the frame of reference and life experience, as well as the ability to apply the information in the context at hand. Although the numbers provide valuable, sometimes essential, information that can facilitate and enhance our life experience, the numbers do not cause anything. They simply reflect back to us in a unique manner the circumstances of a situation or question. They are a form of language that has the ability to convey information on a variety of levels.

The best way for a non-numerologist to derive meaning from numbers that seem to show up repeatedly is to simply acknowledge their presence, and then to invite their meaning in. A cursory search for the meaning of numbers can be fun, but it should not become an obsession. Keeping in mind that the numbers do not cause anything, ultimately, what is important is the meaning they have for you. If their occurrence in your life causes you to feel anxious, fearful or distracted, then pay them no mind. There is no purpose in chasing after meanings that keep you from your peace and that prevent you from being present in the moment.

If the meaning of a particular number has real importance for you, somehow that meaning will be conveyed. It may show up on the side of a bus, or on a social media post, or in a comment casually made in conversation with a neighbour. Know that if you have asked for meaning, and such meaning serves purpose, it will be revealed. The numbers are our friends, travel companions on the journey of life. Let the numbers talk to you, have fun with them.

What do these numbers mean?
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