Everyday Numerology Workshops

workshopsTLearn how to use simple, yet powerful tools from numerology so you can plan your personal and career activities with confidence and manage important life transitions with grace. At the same time, gain insights into your children’s and other loved ones’ life paths and be in a better position to provide guidance and support. See your plans work out just the way you want them to! No prior knowledge of numerology is required. (1–3 hour workshops available; adaptable to your needs.) Contact Pauline to schedule a workshop for your group.

“With Pauline’s workshops my biggest regret was that I had not invited many of my friends to attend along with me. Learning and using numerology helped me to clarify many things in my personal and business life and know which direction to focus on. I highly recommend Pauline’s services to all, she is an expert in her field and a natural at giving engaging, interesting lectures.” –Sue-Anne Hickey, Illuminartyoga

Welcoming the New Year

What if you could have a clear picture of the road ahead and a deeper understanding of your life’s purpose? What if you were able to fully appreciate what your partner and children were experiencing? The numbers derived from your birth date provide these very insights and so much more!
Workshops available in 2, 3 and 4 hour formats. The best time to hold this workshop is October–December, just before the New Year. Schedule a workshop for your group or organization now.

Work/life Wellness by the Numbers

employeesA unique workshop for the workplace! Be at the forefront of your industry. Offer your employees or team a truly innovative, effective and powerful work/life balance program. In these unique workshops, participants will gain a complete picture of their life’s journey, as well as the knowledge of how to effectively navigate their personal trends and cycles. With self knowledge comes increased job performance and fulfillment. (Special series designed for the workplace.) Contact Pauline to schedule a workshop for your group.

“As a participant at your workshop I thought that is was very interesting to learn how to use numerology to know what the week, month or year has to offer.  And that it is so accurate.  I thought that your performance was very professional and enthusiastic.”–Tina Deosaran, HR, Kiewit Cie.

Your Child’s Numerology Signature

childrenA powerful workshop for parents of children of any age, even grown-up children! Our young ones see us, and the world around them, from a unique perspective, one that is often quite different from our own.  Learn to see through their eyes, take a peek at their life’s dream, understand their special purpose in the world, gain a deeper understanding of how they relate to circumstances and get a true feeling for how they experience life on a day-to-day basis. The knowledge derived from the numbers provides invaluable insights into your child’s unique talents, skills and life purpose. Contact Pauline to schedule a workshop for your group.


The Journey of Awakening

awakeningwksTThere is much talk about awakening these days, with countless books, videos and workshops available to the seeker. A Course in Miracles has become well-known as an ideal spiritual thought system for the contemporary seeker, since it addresses us in the complex world in which we believe ourselves to be. The Course is designed to bring the student to the threshold of awakening from the experience of limited perception and vision to an experience of wholeness, which is really our natural condition. Learn the true meaning of the miracle and how you can bring miracles into your life. Seminars can be tailored to meet the needs of your group, from 45-60 minute introductory lectures, to 2-3 hour workshops. Contact Pauline to schedule a seminar for your group.

“I really enjoyed the workshop. I love your energy. You have such passion and you are a great teacher. Keep me posted for any further workshops. Thanks again.”–Helena

“Pauline knows about awakening inside and out. She is unwavering in her pursuit and living of the truth. She is an excellent speaker and teacher who has helped me immensely on my own spiritual journey. If you’re at all curious about awakening and experiencing limitless fulfilment, she is an excellent resource and mentor.”–Mike